The therapeutic areas of Menarini's research

Menarini is investing in major medical research projects that cover the following therapeutic areas:

  Cancer, for solid tumours and blood cancer and for support therapies     Gastro-intestinal

These are research fields that require a lengthy experimentation procedure: it takes more than 10 years from the onset of a drug research project to the time the drug is available to patients. Sometimes it takes even longer. Menarini follows this course with the utmost attention, investing its top resources because patient health is the number one value.

My hope is constant in thee"

This is a motto endorsed by Menarini Research

The hope of a patient is inextricably linked to the persistence of researchers in developing new drugs given the great amount of time it takes from laboratory discovery to clinical application.
Menarini answers this hope at its research centres operating all over the world: Berlin, Lomagna, Barcelona, Florence, Pisa, and Rome.
The quality of life is the fulcrum around which all research revolves.
And it is always person-centred.

What path does research follow?

“From knowing to knowing what to do, that is our path”
Dr. Capriati, Director of Corporate Clinical Research

Research follows a long path that starts with the need to cure patients and is developed through hypotheses and continuous verifications made in the context of clinical trials that generate a huge amount of recorded and processed data over the years.
Only in this way is it possible to guarantee a quality result, which in research means a sure result.

Development is rigorous.
Clinical trial criteria are rigorous.
The result is rigorous.

Phase 1    the molecule is tested to verify its safety and concentration in the body.

Phase 2    the initial data regarding effectiveness are collected and the correct dosage is established.

Phase 3    the therapeutic benefits are confirmed on a wider pool of patients. All collected data are checked by the authorities that approve the drug to be marketed.

Phase 4    we continue to monitor the drug that is administered to the world population. Anyone can report any undesirable effects. Menarini is always listening, all over the world, thanks to its pharmacovigilance team.

Florence - Pharmacology Department, Molecular Pharmacology Laboratory
Quantification of gene products by spectrophotometer

The numbers of our research at a glance

More than 32.000 patients enrolled in pivotal clinical trials 3.200 patent applications, of which 273 priority; 8 innovative drugs registered internationally (in the cardiovascular, anti-infective, analgesia areas) available in over 70 European and non-European countries.

We rely on research to develop new drugs to cure diseases that are still without effective solutions and to improve the quality of life of patients.

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