“Not all pharmaceutical products are alike. Attention to detail in a pharmaceutical product is seen in its controls, procedures and regulations which in the end make it a better drug.”

What does control mean?

Control is transversal when we speak about the quality of a Menarini drug.
The Quality Control laboratory periodically conducts all necessary tests on the drug to confirm its compliance with approval specifications. The characteristics of the product to be sold are those expected.
Attention to control is the common denominator of all the production activities in Menarini's universe.

The Quality Assurance department of each plant reports to the Corporate Quality Assurance department which is responsible for supervising and standardising the level of quality wherever a drug is manufactured. The decision to pay attention to every single detail has led Menarini to adopt a philosophy that places quality at the heart of every choice:

that's why all raw material suppliers are selected and monitored with inspections directly at the production plants wherever they may be located throughout the world;

that's why training courses are held continuously for all those who, for various reasons, form part of the drug production chain;

that's why technologically advanced machinery is used and subjected to periodic checks to always ensure its correct operation;

that's why the packaging of products is checked before being marketed to guarantee compliance with the specifications approved by the health authorities.

That's how, control after control, a Menarini drug is born.

Florence - Microbiology laboratory
Microrganism identification

Everything is under
control, it's Menarini.

The control process continues throughout the drug’s entire lifetime, from its development to its arrival in the pharmacy. Menarini has made this a cornerstone of its policy: every gesture and action carried out by company staff complies with specific standards and procedures established to ensure the best manufacturing method possible for its drugs.
Menarini has specific in-house control facilities to always keep its production and quality standards at the highest levels at all its sites worldwide. Quality Assurance and Pharmacovigilance are working constantly to improve health.

Interesting facts

Did you know that...

Menarini has found a way to keep its products under control and protected when they are being transported by air through the use of special insulating blankets.
During the globalisation process, the control of product transportation has produced an efficient distribution system.

Did you know that...

On average, a Menarini lab technician undergoes 35 hours of training per year.

Did you know that...

Every Menarini manufacturing site is inspected on average 8 times per year by the authorities and partners of the Group, and Menarini itself has a team that travels all year round to control these sites and relative suppliers worldwide.

Did you know that...

The selection of an active ingredient may take more than a year, and in order to find the right one Menarini makes inspections all over the world.

Also in the Pharmacy.

Whenever Menarini markets a pharmaceutical product it also provides extensive scientific information to physicians and pharmacists so that their knowledge about the drug is complete and exhaustive, for the safety and health of everyone.

To control also means to listen. That's why Menarini is always listening and monitors all adverse drug reactions reported by physicians and patients anywhere in the world through its Pharmacovigilance departments. The controls and inspections never end because people and health are the fulcrum of Menarini's thoughts and actions.

Control numbers
at a glance

Menarini has 345 Quality Control employees and 85 Quality Assurance employees. On average more than one million controls are carried out each year: 1.088.000 in 2012. Each Menarini lab technician attends 35 hours of training and refresher courses every year.

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