A history of quality:
the milestones


The “Farmacia Internazionale Menarini” opens in Naples


Menarini opens its Florence premises.


Alberto Aleotti is appointed Director General of “Farmaceutica Menarini” and Internationalisation is launched with “Laboratorios Menarini” in Barcelona.


Opening of Menarini Research&Development Division.

Since the 90s

Menarini has expanded its international business rapidly.


Acquisition of Berlin-Chemie which opens up Central-East Europe markets to Menarini.


Opening of Menarini Biotech in Pomezia (Rome).


Lucia e Alberto Giovanni Aleotti leading Menarini.


Acquisition of the Invida Group consolidating Menarini's presence in the Asia Pacific markets.


Acquisition of Silicon Biosystems.


VaxYnethic, a joint venture between Menarini and NewTech Biosynth in vaccines.

CellSearch, pioneer in advanced technologies for cancer diagnostics


The International Pharmacy Group Menarini, started its activity in Greece in 1989, buying the 70% of Damvergis SA, a traditional pharmaceutical industry with presence in Greece since 1935.
In 1996 the Menarini Group acquired the 100% of the share capital of Damvergιs SA, renaming its subsidiary in Greece to Menarini Hellas A.E.
Since 1989, the company has launched many innovative and prototype pharmaceutical treatments in the Pharmaceutical Market, mainly in the cardiovascular and respiratory system, but also in other major therapeutic categories.
The successful course of the company for the past 28 years has established Menarini Hellas as a new and dynamic company in the Pharmaceutical Market which is already among the largest Pharmaceutical companies in Greece and employs 212 employees.

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