Code of Conduct

The company Menarini Hellas is based on the belief that a firm can be competitive and productive and concurrently working with principles and social sensitivity.

Commitment in such principles and ethics is confirmed on a daily basis, while the attitude of all of us are of major importance for the continuity of our path. Menarini Hellas adopts high professional ethics in all of the working procedures and works according to the national legislation’s framework, international regulation and internal policies. It aims to develop and retain the most important business element – integrity.

The establishment of the Code of Conduct, which contributes to the further promotion of ethics, transparency, as well as right professional behaviour in every rank of the firm's hierarchy, is of major importance. The code of Conduct defines the general framework of firm’s accepted professional attitude and reflects principles that inspire our work. That includes the fundamental principles, rules and ethics that form the framework of firm’s activities and define our everyday behaviour and practice. The code is implemented in the whole workforce of Menarini Hellas as well as in the way we conduct entrepreneurial activity with our customers, suppliers and other partners.

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